Monday, December 14, 2009

The Hair Cut

Annaleah needed a trim.  I had told her it would only be a little bit and she wouldn't even notice.  Anna was dead set against it. 

On Friday, Abby was here relaxing and looking at pics from past years and we came across one with Anna with shoulder length hair.  Abby loved it  and told Anna it would look great on her again.  Anna decided that it would be awesome.  So she begged. 

So I start the process of cutting. 
I really wasn't intending to cut it too short..
but after I started to snip, I swear the hair just kinda shrunk upwards. 
I was trying to cut around the middle of the area between her shoulders and the end of the hair. 

As I got halfway thru.. she panicked.. and started crying.. saying, "I change my mind!"

She was crying and I had to comfort her.  I told her she still looks very beautiful..
She calmed down and went to look in the bathroom mirror. 

She still isn't very happy about it. 
However, she felt alot better when Abby saw the hair and told her she was beautiful! 
Wait.. Didn't I say that?  
I guess it only matters when someone other than your own mother tells you that you are beautiful. 

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