Sunday, December 6, 2009

November Birthdays..

I am kinda late posting this. I have been fiddling with this blog

There have been many birthdays in the month of November.  November is indeed a special month for me.. It all started 21 years ago! 

21 years ago.. I became a mom.. it was the most unbelievable and fantastic journey ever.. not to mention scary. 

When I finally got to hold this precious baby.. I was over whelmed with so many emotions.. There was no other feeling that could compare..

I am amazed at how fast time flies..

Wasn't he a cutie?

Being a single mom definitely was interesting.. David was my entire life.. there was nothing I would not have done for him.


Having David in my life has made me a better person.  The Lord has taught me so much through David. 

Here are some Birthday Pics

and a little video

Happy 21st Birthday, David!  We love you! 

About 8 years ago, a young lady entered our lives.. She became my niece.  Her smile could light up an entire room.  She just happened to even share a birthday with David. 

The precious girl is Kaitlyn


She came to into our lives fully of energy!! 

and with lots of hugs and love..

we enjoy every moment we can spend with kaitlyn..

thank you so much for entering our hearts..

Happy 10th Birthday, Kaitlyn! 

12 years ago...

This beauty was born..

She was the flower girl at my wedding..

She was the sweetheart who loved to tell really long stories..
and practice crying in the mirror..

She loved getting all prettied up and getting her pictures taken..

She is very kind, patient and thoughtful..

Especially when it comes to playing with little anna..

If anna cried she would say.. anna push me.. and pretend to fall til anna would laugh.

She is just so loving and sweet, you want to scoop her up and keep her forever..
at least I do...

she is a little diva

A ballerina

A princess

Who won't stop growing!  No matter how much we beg! 

She is my neice, Jade

These days it is hard to get a good pic of Jade, because she is always like this

Or ...

has her nose in a book! 

Happy 12th Birthday Jade! 

Of course we must not forget the newest member November birthdays..

This precious baby girl,

turned 1!

Happy Birthday, Meadow!

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