Monday, January 11, 2010

Been quite a weekend..

I didn't even realize that I didn't post on Friday.  My mind's been out of order.. :-) 

I am trying to do my best to update my 3 blogs here regularly.. yes, 3.. this blog, I have a weight loss blog going on and a bible blog.  I do like that everything is in one place.. I usually do a weight loss blog over at livejournal. I definitely like using blogger better.  On a good note I have a 4.5lb loss from last week..whoo hoo.. I have not even tried!  but hey.. not complaining..

Friday I did not school again.. guess we just took an extra week off.. maybe I needed it.. but today I must start school.  I have been doing some planning and since Anna finished "The Courage of Sarah Noble" and is due for a book report on it.. I am thinking of stopping and getting more indepth in some areas.  A quick scan of the chapters with activities to make a lapbook.  I am also planning on having her make Indian Pudding.  She really loved the hands on stuff when we did Little house in the big woods.. so this will be perfect for her.  We will go over the language arts portions as well as social studies with a review of the animals for the lapbook.  This type of study gets me excited.  It is also the reason I got up at 5am this morning.  I want to make sure we are all ready for school.. since I did nothing all weekend. 

Friday night I worked on a puzzle.  Annaleah worked along side me on one of her puzzles.. picture it.. both of us sitting there with mp3 players and headphones.. singing along with our own music while working on a puzzle.. my kind of day!  We also watched Ernest saves Christmas.. her first experience with Ernest and she loved it.  I went to bed at 7pm and Anna stayed up with Abby til about 11 or so.  They made some cute videos and took pics.. I finally woke at 7pm but it wasn't a restful sleep.. I guess I needed it (everyone knows I do not ever go to bed early.)  because I woke up sick.. However, I was determined to be ready for church.. so I showered and dressed, then woke up Angel who said forget about church.  sigh..

We have not been in church since April.  We were planning on checking out a church closer to us.  We know so many people that have attended this church.. (including Abby and her family).  However, it was probably best we didn't go.. I was definitely not well yesterday.  I barely remember working on the puzzles, staring at facebook.. did some dishes, napped again.  Last night I went back to bed around 9:30 with an agenda already planned out for today.. so here I am.  I do feel better so that is a good thing.  Still conjested but head feels better. 

Today is Anna's sneak a peek week at ballet, which means I get to take videos.. I can't wait.  David and Abby will be here for Ethan which will be perfect.  Leftover lasagna for dinner will also be great for tonight.  We were supposed to have that last night but I didn't want it.  So hubby made ramen with kimchii.. I don't know but that always helps clear the sinuses.. I loved it..  Oh Saturday I made pizza dough using the bread machine.. then made pizza.. and finally, Angel liked it!! I have been trying for so long to make pizza dough instead of buying.. and finally.. this recipe is a keeper! 

Ok.. I am rambling now.. I think it is time to get to my list.. It is awfully quiet here at 5am.. :-) 

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