Monday, January 18, 2010

Can't seem to post on the weekends..

Well, let's see..

Thursday night was Annaleah's ballet and tap class. I was able to get in there and video tape.. I taped alot. I have not uploaded yet. Abby watched Ethan so after class we went over to Popeye's to check them out. Have not been to a Popeyes in forever. We were shocked on Monday when we suddenly seen one.. here.. in CT.. no clue when it got there.

Friday, Angel decided we should do our big shopping that night. Oh man.. we finally had money and really needed some things.. we had been doing 'light' shopping for almost 3 months and we were running out! So we got Ethan ready and off we went to eat first at Burger King.. mental note.. Ethan does not like burgers at Burger King.

We then spent roughly an hour or more at Bj's Warehouse and then almost 2 hours at Walmart! $400.00 and 4 hours later, we were finally heading home.. (shopping alone took 3 hours!) We better not need to do serious shopping again for at least 2 months! Although I forgot hearing aid batteries.. and Bubbles still needs litter. No clue why Walmart doesn't carry "Yesterday's News".. it is the only litter we use for him.

We keep bins in the car.. those big packing bins.. 2 bins full and some had to get carried. We left alot of food in the car overnight.. food that we didn't need to worry about.. Next morning, that food also filled 2 bins.. and that doesn't include the bags of cat and rabbit food.. or the box of canned cat food.. whew.

Saturday and Sunday was spent here doing whatever.. I worked on my puzzle a bit.. almost done there.. it is challenging which I love. But I got too lazy.. I never planned for school.. again!

However, just found out today is Martin Luther King day, so we are going to focus on a slideshow of that and some printed questions and call it a day. Everyone else is off school today and Anna has an early ballet class this afternoon.. so sounds good to me.

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