Thursday, January 7, 2010

Could educational games be considered schooling??

I am having a terrible time getting started with school.  I had a short list yesterday and still did everything but the lesson planning.. til last night .. I did get it started .. finally..

Yesterday I decided to pull out the "Cooking Up Sentences" which we played twice.  It was a nice review of the parts of speech.  Then we kinda made up a math game.. very simple. 

we only needed 3 dice, 2 sheets of paper, 2 pencils

one dice was set to 2 and placed on the side .. we were practicing our two times tables.. 

roll the other two dices... add them up (2+3).. then multiply 2 (10)

on the paper we wrote 10

Next turn say the answer was 12,  we would write under the 10


and continue add  our answers to the right side.. dice answer left, total right.. We did this 10 times.. Anna loved it.. (strangely since she supposedly hates math!)  She wanted to play by herself to see how high she got.. She did a great job adding up totals on the side of her paper. 

Today we may have company.. if that doesn't happen maybe we could do another round of the dice game and throw in a science experiment.  This could be considered as schooling??  Right?? 

I will be on track next week.. I WILL!!  

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