Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It was an interesting day.  Last night we aimed to ring in the new year playing games.. but it didn't happen.  Ethan was a ball of energy.. He was enjoying the girls tremendously.  Finally he came to me and asked to go to bed.  He then grabbed his book and went off to Anna's bedroom and waited to get into the playpen.  wow.  After reading and kisses.. I came out to find it was 11:45pm.. how did that happen?? 

After the ball dropped.. David walked in from work.  Jade convinced him to play Life with us.. So Abby, David, Jade, Anna and I, played Life til 2:30am.  Kate went to sleep quickly after the ball dropped.  At around 2am.. the game progressed quickly because we started to rush everyone along.  Anna was extremely tired and was snoring between her turns.  The night almost turned bad when Anna lost her job due to midlife crisis.  I told her to pick a new career and she started to say something half asleep that was totally not appropriate.  I quickly scolded her and then attempted to move on.. but she had this shocked look on her face like she had no clue what she was being scolded for.. half asleep and all.. I ended up in tears and laughing (a normal side effect from lack of sleep).. after excuses myself for a bit we quickly finished the game and headed the girls off to bed.  As we woke anna (who won).. she got really upset proclaiming "but I wanted to pull and all nighter!"  .. while Jade announced.. "I never want to try to pull an all-nighter again!"..

This morning was hard.  Ethan woke at 9am, which meant I had about 6 hours sleep.. however my body did not like that and I just became emotional all day.  First a friend insisted that we had to get on the scale and get back on track.. I cried while walking to the scale.. I was mortified at what I could discover.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad at all!  Then later, I found myself running my fingers thru David's hair.. something I had not done in years!  While doing that I had memories of his childhood and me running my fingers thru, etc.. and I just started tearing up again.. Which meant another trip to the bathroom .. oh so not a good day at all..

Ethan was such a good boy.. but I was tired.. so every bathroom trip, or diaper change.. trying to feed the girls.. just left me exhausted.  Abby had offered to watch the girls so I could go with David to see Meadow.  I decided to go ahead and do that.. Shortly before I leave we discover that Anna is sick.. she had a headache and a small fever.. oh boy.  She still stayed with Abby and slept alot. 

The visit to see Meadow was really sweet.. However, I didn't try to get too close.  It has been too long and I really wanted her to bond with David more.. so I stayed on the other side of the table.. snapping pics and playing peek-a-boo behind a menu.  She gave me lots of smiles.  I will do my best to remember to share those pics here tomorrow maybe.  The girls leave on Sunday so who knows how busy we will get tomorrow.  I can't believe the week has ended already! 

I am totally exhausted and ready for bed.  Anna will be joining us so I can keep an eye on her.. I really want to do a better job keeping this site updated.. so I should be around more.  I leave you with a pic..

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