Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I am just not consistant

Monday was an awesome school day.. yesterday stunk bad.. like seriously. Monday I had it all together, everything on my list was done and on target.. (except for bed and laundry but hubby was sick)..

Yesterday was just a disaster.. spent too much time scolding Anna and trying to get her to move along.. she dragged so bad yesterday. She had a huge attitude problem.. I am sure I had one as well.. I just wanted to crawl back to bed..

Which makes no sense! I have been sleeping longer than I have ever slept in my life.. Saturday night 12 hours, sunday night 8 hours, monday night 7.5 hours and last night 8.5 hours.. seriously this girl never used to sleep more than 6 hours a night!

Although I love being up at 5am.. finally I get some alone time.. I have been doing my Bible and biking when I can. I love that no one gets up here before 7. That part I am thoroughly enjoying..

However, I think hubby is having a party every night without me. I keep finding dishes on the table and things a mess! That is the one bad part.. with me going to bed at 9pm lately.. I am not spending any time with hubby. sigh

I don't know how anyone finds a balance.. but maybe someday, it will just come to me..

Oh but let's end with a funny.. I made jello yesterday, Ethan loves jello.. So does Angel.. Ethan saw the jello in the fridge and I told him it was for after dinner.. he was soo excited.

About 2 hours later (I guess he couldn't wait anymore).. he came out of the kitchen sucking on all his fingers.. (almost his whole hand was shoved into his mouth..) I said "Oh no! Ethan what did you do?" and ran to the fridge

sure enough.. big old hand print right there on the top of the jello..

I just had to laugh

So after dinner.. I scooped out the hand printed area for Ethan.. and that gave out the untouched parts for us.. Ethan had seconds, Angel had thirds.. no more jello..

wonder if I should make some for tonight.. hmm..

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hadassahrose said...

Mmmmm... jello. :)

(I found your blog while hopping from one to another.)