Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not much to say..

I am trying to be faithful with posting but I seriously am not sure what to say here.. hmmm

It was a typical day.. Monday's are always hard to get back in gear.  School was light.  We worked on our paper quilt, Anna did her Bible Lesson from CEF MailBox Club and it is ready to be mailed back.  We did madlibs for English, She started her new week's lesson for Math and Spelling.  Nice and quiet day..

Then Ethan came, followed soon by Abby and David who haven't really been here all week.. Anna was supposed to go to Ballet class but it was pouring hard and Daddy of course really didn't want to drive in it.  So we ended up having a nice evening together.  Abby decided to buy us all pizza from Dominos.. which we had not had in a long time.  Did you know that you can order online and then watch how the order is progressing.  The site told us what time Carlos put the pizza into the oven and exactly when it was ready for pick up.. I thought that was a hoot.  We even got a bit of alone time because Annaleah and Ethan both wanted to go with David and Abby to get the pizza.

Early bedtime at 9 and all was good.

Today I need to really get on track.  Full day of school lessons .. I need to get things in order.  It is amazing how much a weekend off can do damage around here.

If you would like to know more about Annaleah's Bible Correspondence.. check it out CEF MailBox Club.
She really enjoys these lessons.  It comes with a Bible story, a story about a family that goes along with it and questions to answer and send back for the next lesson.  She looks forward to her lessons.  Also check around at the site.  There are some things for kids there as well ..  wonderzone

I suppose I had something to say after all.  

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