Friday, January 22, 2010

On Fire for God..

This topic may be weird to most of you out there.. but it is on my mind this morning.  It was actually on my mind all day yesterday.  Many of you know that my family and I enjoy watching Asian Dramas.  One of the main reasons is because there storylines are much cleaner then alot of American shows out there but also there are alot of morals that our shows don't have.  Most of the dramas we enjoyed as a family are about young innocent love.  The girl in the story treasures that first kiss.. it isn't just given to anyone.. She waits for that special someone.. there are lots of funny situations.. sometimes outrageous ones too.. children have a huge respect for the parents.. Ever seen a 33 year old beg her mom for forgiveness in the american shows.. I can't think of any.. Yet I have seen it in these dramas.  Respect for your parents is huge in these shows.. (of course usually the rich families don't have that.. they usually have some severe dysfunctional issues.. lol) 

Well, back to what has been on my mind.  Right now I am watching a drama .. just 1 hour a week.. and the main guy in the storyline is one I am familiar with.  I have seen a few of his other dramas.  I found out not too long ago about his love for the Lord.  Just recently, I discovered that he has a twitter... so I thought it would be fun to learn more.  Since then I have found his testimony which was very inspirational to me and his tweets.. wow.. He mentions God in probably every tweet he sends.. It brings a smile every time he tweets..

Part of me started to think.. ok.. am I being obsessive here?? why am I following this guy's tweets??  Yes I also am now a fan on facebook.. lol.  So I talk to a friend about it.. during our discussion I realize something.  I am loving his tweets because he is truly On Fire for God!  I have not been in a long time.  I have just been going through life, going through the motions.. etc.. but where is my zest for the Lord?  When did I lose it?  I want that fire back in my life.  I think it is seriously time to start looking for a church closer to us.  We have been away for too long. 

So, I feel better now.. I am not drawn to this good looking popular asian actor .. . I am drawn to his zest for the Lord.. he is very vocal about his Love for the Lord while I sit here quietly loving God in my own way.  I want to be bold.. I want to really feel the Lord in my life again.  I have alot to learn! 

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