Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What new beginnings???

Yesterday my goal was simple.. Regroup.. get everything in order.  For the last week my nieces have been here.. so there has been a whirlwind of activity.  Two mattresses in the living room at all times, games being played, bags with clothes and whatnot sitting in the living room.. and 3 not so tiny any more, girls running around.  I loved it!  However, they left on Sunday and it is time to get back on track.. so yesterday, I worked however, it didn't seem to be enough.. I didn't get everything done.. I had over 400 emails to catch up on.. and over 1000 blog posts to read.. (email done as of last night, blogs about half done).. I did get the Christmas stuff down and get alot of areas back in shape.. but only put a small nick in the laundry.. whew.. and forget about school planning.  We were supposed to start back up today.. but I don't think so..

Daddy found the latest episode of Doctor Who.. and being Doctor Who fans in this house.. had to watch it.  So we did.. it was 2am before it finished.. Yikes!!  Annaleah loved every minute but hello.. 2am!  So needless to say, school isn't happening today.. we just crawled out of bed.. yesterday I made a committment to read my bible and bike every day at 6am.. sigh..

Although Doctor Who was very good.. It was so incredibly sad to see David Tenant leave his role.  I remember being so angry when Christopher Eccleston left the show..

I loved him! 
He was funny, had great facial expressions,
and I just loved the relationship between him and Rose..
but when he regenerated.. I absolutely refused to like the new doctor..

But David Tenant did eventually did win my heart.  He was great for the past 3 years..
I cried alot last night..
(yes, I know it is only a show.. but hey.. it was sad!)

Now, this new guy.. I am not so sure..
once again it is going to take alot to prove he can be a good replacement. 
I don't like changes..
Wonder if this one will win my heart? 

Ok, so when did I start to like Sci Fi?? 

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