Monday, January 25, 2010

Why we avoid Wendy's

We planned on going to visit my brother-in-law, Abe.  His daughter was there for the weekend and I had not seen her in a good maybe 9 years.

Angel woke up rather late, after being up early morning, so we started out later than we thought.  He had not eaten so of course, fast food was in order.  We decided on Wendys since it was right there where we were getting gas.  Now, from the past, we should really know better to go there.. but we decided to try once again.

We go in and I see on the board..

Bold Buffalo Boneless Wings

Pack some punch in your lunch. Get 100% tender and juicy all-white chicken hand-tossed in our signature buffalo sauce made with aged cayenne pepper.

Now that seriously looks good to me.. so I order it.. 3.99.. nothing else included.

First I wait much longer for it.. Anna and Angel had already gotten theirs.. ok.. maybe a bit of work involved..

Then it arrives..

Now I don't know what I was thinking but the pic on the board looked like they were bigger.  This is only what it looked like after I rolled around the chicken nugget into the bit of sauce sitting on the bottom.  The nuggets looked like the exact ones you see on the board advertising 5 for .99
I paid 4.00 so that is 3.01 for 2 more nuggets and sauce..

Good thing Angel bought a large fries, so I was able to get a bit of that.
The wings were good.  Just alot of money for something so small.  

then came the trip to the bathroom..
Ok, ladies, it is bad enough when you tinkle on the seat and don't wipe..
but how do you miss and get the entire front of the toilet (floor) instead??

then Angel comes out and he is not happy either.. apparently someone covered the entire seat with urine..
He was forced to clean it and then dump the toilet paper onto the floor
because there was no trash can at all.  It was either that or clog the toilet..
This is why we avoid Wendy's here.

Moving on to Abe's house.  We had a really nice visit.  Mariah has grown from a beautiful little girl to a beautiful young lady.  She has had a rocky start.. I can only pray things will get better for her. 
I didn't get alot of pics but here are the few I got with my phone.

Anna and Ally

Mariah playing cards on the couch

Angel and Abe taking a pic

In other news, I finally finished the puzzle that Abby and David bought me.

the top part was torture!  I loved every minute of it..

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