Monday, February 1, 2010

Icy Windows...

That is what I woke up to on Saturday Morning.  Icy windows.. like ice, lined up on the bottom of the inside of the window.  The house was 54 degrees.. Our furnace was not working. 

It had also shut off on Friday.. Angel got it started again.. we couldn't figure out why it was shutting off on us.  However, the basement is the coldest in the house.. especially the laundry room, where the furnace sits.. and it was 10 degrees outside.  The dryer vent going out the window seriously doesn't help..

After getting the heater to work, hubby fought with the kerosene heater.. We needed backup, but it had not been used in quite a long time.  He finally got that working and then he wanted to go to Mirsh Masala.  We have no heat in the van.. I was so not up to that.. I had pj's on under my clothes because there was no way I was exposing flesh in my cold house. 

Well, we went.  After a nice buffet (where Anna's meal consisted of naan bread and 2 slices of raw carrots (gee, if only I ate like her!).. we headed over to Stop and Shop and spent 100.00 on food.. (it's never ending, but thankfully lunch was like 22.00) 

We love the click it scanner at stop and shop.. Anna has a blast with that thing.. although I had to keep reminding her that I didn't need to know the total of everything that went in, every time she scanned..  "Mommy, that was 3.99 and now we have 58.69 total." 

After unpacking the food.. Angel went to bed and I just played around on the internet.. then Abby came and we chatted.. Angel woke up and he and Anna spent the evening playing Asda Story, while Abby and I talked to after midnight.  We never had dinner although made Anna something.. We were still full from lunch! 

Sunday morning I woke alot and had to clean the disaster of our home.. (that's what happens when you slack off for one day around here.. ) and Ethan came. 

He was silly.. He saw the Kerosene heater and immediately wanted to know what it was, does it move, does it make noise.. turns out he thought it was a heater.. lol.. He was totally in awe and talked about it forever.. but he was also skittish because while talking to Abby about it .. he got to close.. backed off quickly and fell into his potty seat..  It was totally funny.. poor kid.. no tears though.. just got up and started talking about it again. 

Today we are back to our daily grind athough slowly since Angel and Anna are still sleeping (we went to bed at 8pm last night!).  Going to be a tough day, but hey, we still have heat!

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