Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday's are so tough..

No one wants to wake up!  Anna drags thru school.. the house is always a disaster from the weekend.  Anna has early ballet class.. Everything on my end is rush rush rush..

Somehow we always manage though.  Anna got 13 hours of sleep!  We went to bed at 8pm on Sunday because we were just exhausted.  Obviously she needed the 13 hours. 

We plan on doing some work in the basement in the next month or two.  Lots to be done.  David and Abby did an awesome job going thru stuff and tossing out alot.  Now the rest is really up to us to go through and get it all cleaned out. 

Jade and Kate are also coming soon!  Can't wait! 

I need to start going thru colors to see what is the best color for the basement walls.  We want to brighten up the room.. It seriously needs it. 

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