Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Been a really rough day...

This is going to be a random bullet post.
  • My dad is in the hospital
  • kidney failure
  • last week he had a tumor taken from his leg
  • we visited him yesterday.. 
  • he didn't look good
  • mom found him this morning and called ambulance
  • we also have no clean water
  • it is brown
  • we never got the notice that the town was flushing the system
  • so we never prepared
  • tonight was also photoshoot for ballet, tap and kids in motion
  • oh my word.. I was not prepared
  • fringes were hard..
  • thankfully a mom came over to help
  • then of course changing for the next two
  • rush rush rush
  • never mind the work I put into the bun 
  • Anna's hair is so thin
  • so I used a sock to give it substance .. lol
  • so glad today is over
  • please pray for my dad though.  
  • I am very worried and trying to give it to God.  
  • Thanks for listening if you got this far! 

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