Friday, May 7, 2010


Right now I am alone. I have been alone for about 3 hours now. Most moms would say.. wow! How Awesome! I wish I can be alone..

I can not say the same..

I don't like being alone at all!

Yes, ok.. first thing in the morning.. I like it.. but it is only for an hour or two. I can handle an hour or two.. I can't handle 3 hours..

I am feeling lonely

Even at night.. if Angel is working or sleeping.. I get lonely. I even cry.. Angel doesn't even understand this. I don't think anyone does.

It is too quiet.
I don't want to turn on the tv
I have spent the last three hours watching things on You Tube..
like an old episode of Dawson's creek
and a video put together for the last episode..
which made me cry.

Yep, I am odd
I don't like being alone.

Someone please come home soon!

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