Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Get your vlog on!

I really tried to make a decent vlog but things just kept happening.  So I kinda mixed a few things together.

Go checkout LizzieBTV and see what this is all about.


Jendi said...

What fun Linda!
I had to laugh at the jello, but empathize too. :)

LizzieB said...

Linda, you're such a trooper!!! I was laughing out loud because some days I can't get anything done for myself. By the time it's quiet in my house and I've finally picked up the tornado in my house I'm so darn wiped - I just go to bed!!! Thanks for giving us a small peek of the daily chaos that is our life as moms.

Thanks a bunch for getting Your vlog On! And so great meeting you. I hope you link up again this week.