Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I have a bit of catching up to do..

As I sit here typing.. I hear Anna pretending with Ethan.  They are pretending they are in the water with crocodiles.  I just love listening to them play.. that is when they are not arguing and playing at the same time.. lol.

Here is a vid of them playing with the playdoh together..

Anna had an interesting school day.. first I had been fighting with my laptop.. which seems to be better right now.  Then I did a rushed Monday Mingle.  By the time we started school.. we were a bit late.  So I decided to shake it up a bit.  I wrote a numbered list of each subject. Then took out 9 cards (A-9) and she had to pick a card.. whichever card she picked.. that was our next subject.  She was so aiming for Science each time.  She always does a great job when we switch off the normal school routine!

I have been feeling a bit spoiled this week.  My wonderful camera has been acting up for awhile.. so I have been researching for a new one.  However I can not afford one with a 12x optical zoom like the one I have.  So I bought a smaller camera to substitute.  I plan on having someone look at my other camera and using the Fuji Finepix z70.  It is so cute and takes great pics!  I will continue to use the older camera for those times when zooming is a must.  So I have been having fun checking out the new cam.  Last night we picked up a mini tripod and an extra battery.. I have to have battery backups.. there is nothing worse than your battery dying when you are out and about.

Anna posing for the new cam. 

My hubby decided he wanted to start vlogging.. He is just too funny.  So he got himself a Logitech c9000.  Much better than mine.. but that is ok.  He always gives me the best he can.. It is his turn to enjoy.

Saturday I was finally able to go visit my dad.  I got a few pics but none of him directly.  He really doesn't like cameras and I wanted him to be as relaxed as possible.  He was a little upset because he wanted to go home.  However the sutures are in bad shape.  They were opening in some sections and appear to be infected.. So he had no choice but to stay.  He is really serious about not going to rehab.  He wants to do it all at home.

While we were visiting my Uncles decided to bring my gram.  She had been wanting to visit my dad.  It was really sweet to watch them.. She just stood there holding his hands or touching his feet.. anything she could do to let him know that she was there.

Mom, Nana, Uncle Nicky and Anna
We can't leave out Silly Uncle Chris! 

We visited for about 3 hours before heading home.. so of course.. we got hungry.  We don't have a good Korean place near us.. so we just had to stop at Sura's.  The one thing I don't like about going out for Korean.. nothing for Anna.  After talking to the waiter we decided on Udon Noodle soup.. of course all she ate was the noodles.. there was no way she was touching the seafood stuff inside.  sigh.. 
And being the crazy family we are.. and me having a new cam.. I had to record it. 

I would love to post more.. but I will just leave you with this video of Anna.  She wrapped a present for a friend's birthday party and just had to make a video.  Totally her idea!

Now I must go since our dinner (shepherd's pie) is ready and there are school things still on the table! 

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