Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Dad..

This is my dad...
He is the strongest man I know...
and also the most compassionate.

He went to the hospital to have surgery on a tumor in his leg..
that he had for 30 years..
There was no cancer (Praise God!)
he was supposed to go to rehab..
but they wouldn't take him..
because he was already walking soon after the surgery
so they sent him home.
all was well
til a week after the surgery..
He started acting weird... Like he was totally drugged up
dizzy when standing
his blood pressure was going down..
the visiting nurse was even worried..
I made dad promise me he would call the doc first thing in the morning.
But we should have taken him that evening before heading home.
Next morning mom found him in a really bad state.
Ambulance was called..
Long story short.. his kidneys failed
and all the meds were not filtering out.
His body was highly toxic

We almost lost him..

But you see.. my dad is a fighter
and prayers were sent from every corner
Before they could do dialysis, his kidneys started working again
He has been made to sleep for a few days.. and he is coming out of it now
and the first thing my dad did when he woke..
was fight to get out of bed..
thankfully the nurse and mom calmed him down
but I just have to smile
cause my dad is coming back again

Seeing my dad like that was the scariest thing ever!
As I sit here and shed tears..
I am thankful that the Lord is not ready to take him home yet..
Cause we all still need him here with us. 

I love you Dad!

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