Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mother's Day

My Mother's day was a quiet one.  It started with me attacking my laptop.  It was running a bit slow so I decided to move all the past pictures to our external hard drive (The Book).  I have a habit of hoarding pics and I have alot of pictures.  Which took forever to transfer..

While the files were transferring I decided to make breakfast.  I knew that I would be alone this morning because my hubby worked all night til about 6am.. and my son didn't get home from work til around 3am.  So I made myself some eggs, sausages, hash browns and english muffins. 

It is rare that I get big breakfast these days.  So it was nice. Oh and of course hot cocoa to go with it all.

After the family woke it was time get ready for a friend's birthday at the ice rink.  Anna had been there once, over a year ago.. but had used the kiddie bar.  This time she was too big and was going to have to try on her own.  The funny thing was digging out the hat and gloves..

She still does that Sailor Moon pose.. lol

She did a great job at the rink.  I ended up taking a few small video clips.  I am so proud of her.

The birthday boy received a water gun from us.. a huge one.  I loved that he just wanted to use it right then and was kind of funny to watch is mom trying to convince him he has to wait.. and he is still grabbing every opportunity to snatch that gun.. Mom did win though.. and soon he was asking me where it was.  You just gotta love little boys. 

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