Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grossed out dinner..…

Last Thursday was a typical day around the house.  As usual, the girls slept in late.  They were able to spend about an hour in the pool.  Our goal was to have shepherd’s pie for dinner.  After dinner the girls wanted to go to the local pet store.  Kate wanted to see a chinchilla and a flying squirrel.. our pet store has both. 

The dinner got ruined.. thanks to a fly that decided it would be a good idea to land in a pan of ground beef as it was browning.  The fly was not discovered til after I started to transfer it to the baking dish.  That was the end of that idea for us.  We packed up and headed out to get pizza instead. 


Photo595 Photo596 Photo594

After the pizza we went over to the pet store to find that they close at 7.  :(  Sad girls they were.  So we headed over to PetSmart.  However, there are not many to look at there. 

After that we heading to Walmart for essentials..   David had asked if we could pick him up around 9 - 9:30.. but he wasn't answering his text..  His boss makes them silence the phones.. So we sat outside the military gates (subase) til 10pm waiting.  Turns out he had promised to help someone move and was hoping we would wait for his call before we headed out to get him.  Sometimes the cleaning up takes longer then expected.  I have to say.. sitting out there waiting.. I was getting nervous.  He wasn't answering and the worse things were going through my head.  I had no clue if he was in there.. or if he had started walking .. maybe his phone died and he couldn't call us.. ugh.. just bad thoughts.  I was grateful he was fine.  He must have gotten a ride home because I checked his room Sat morning and was in there sleeping.  It is extremely rare for him to make it home. 

After we got home.. we watched Percy and the Lightning Thief.  It was a good 1am before the girls got into bed.  Kate decided she will stay for a 3rd week but that she has to go home after that.  LOL. 


Roberta said...

Fly-Pie, YUM!!
That pizza looks awesome.

My name is Momma said...

I can't stand pesky flies. UGH!