Monday, August 2, 2010

Trip to the Beach

A few weeks ago (July 20th), Angel took the week off work.  That Tuesday we decided to head out to the local beach.  Of course, after we leave I realize I forgot the sunblock.  I ended up running into a dollar general to grab some, while in my bathing suit and shirt.  Believe me.. I ran! 

The Beach was beautiful!  However, there was a huge drop where the tide breaks on the sand.  I practically fell into the water and then couldn’t get out again!  The girls were just laughing at me.  I look and notice 3 jellyfish just cruising by.. at that time I notice Kate was getting out of the water in pain!  The Jellyfish got her.  Then I look down and there are these huge fishes swimming around my legs.  Talk about freaky.  I just don’t remember all of this at beaches in Florida?  Maybe because I was just young and loved the water.  That was probably all that mattered to me. 

We decided it was a good time to have lunch.  We sat in our chairs.. girls on their towels.  Angel had his sandwich in his hand.. when a seagull out of no where.. tapped him on the head.  He looked up and then down again and his sandwich was gone.  The bird just dived for it.  Poor Angel lost his lunch. 

We went back into the water.  I had fun tossing Kate around.  She just loves the water.  Then I stepped on a crab.. had to be a crab.. it closed right on my feet.  No pain.. just freaked me out a bit! 

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It ended up being a good day.  We loaded up and went home.  However, I discovered a problem.  I completely burned the areas above my knees, my neck and my shoulder.  I did wear sunblock.  I guess I should have re-applied.  I am really not used to getting burned.  What happened to that dark olive skin I was born with.  sigh.  I spent a few days in a bit of pain, but thankfully it didn’t last too long. 

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Roberta said...

Wow! That beach is crowded! Is it always like that?