Thursday, September 9, 2010


My mom is visiting this week.  We picked her up Tuesday evening.  Before we left I did feed the family soup and sandwiches.  However, by the time we got there.. hubby was hungry and craving chinese.  We headed to a new place in Smithfield, RI.   Now, really full we finally headed home.  I tried to hurry and get Anna into bed.  It was 10 when we walked in.  It was midnight when she finally went to bed.  Hubby had told me to let her stay up a bit.  I just knew tomorrow wouldn't go well. 

Anna woke up before 8am.. so that was a huge plus.. however no work actually got done.  She never finished the one page of math that she was behind with.  Things were just so hectic with stories from Mimi, Ethan coming and wanting her attention as well.  Fights over who would sit next to her.  Ethan gave lots of hugs.  I gave lots of demands to finish the page. 

I finally gave up and we all headed outside for a bit.. after Anna rode her bike I tried to get her to do a bit of school out there but she was distracted once again. 

A few days ago, Ethan was riding his Little Tykes car in the cul-de-sac and discovered water in the back.  He yelled out.. "Daddy, there are germs in my car!"  After closer inspection, Justine said they were tadpoles and Anna had started keeping her eye on them.  So when Ethan decided to ride his car, Anna had to save them so she scooped them all carefully into a bucket.  She showed them to me.  Now I am not good at trying to figure out what they are.. so I go along with it.. maybe they are tadpoles.  But then daddy comes out and takes a look.  They were not tadpoles.. they were mosquito larvae.  This brought huge tears to Anna as daddy demanded she dump them immediately.  We all felt bad but we really don't need more mosquitoes.  It was a very sad moment for her. 

So instead of school papers.. we ended up on the computer, learning the difference between tadpoles and mosquito larvae.  That is still school, right.. lol.  Although I would still be happier if she finished at least her math.  sigh..

She ended the evening with a 2.5 hour game of Life.  Anna was the banker and I did my best to get her to figure out all change and payments.. So there was another good lesson she was able to apply.  I guess this would be called 'unschooling'..

However, today she will do her lessons! 

Mom and I also ended the evening listening to Mark Lowry on YouTube..  I loved watching him with Bill Gaither but here is the one that really cracked us up last night..

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