Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My 9yr old Vlogger..

My daughter wants to be a vlogger.  She is really a natural at it.  I love that she can be in front of a camera and just let go.  I am working on this and don’t think I will ever be completely calm in front of the camera.  When I thought back on this .. I realized that alot of it had to do with school.  I remember that I would hide alot of my feelings and silliness around other kids.  I was made fun of in elementary due to my hearing loss and constant sickness.  Still to this day I do not really show my true self to others.. 

Anna does have a youtube account.. it is actually under my control.  Registered under me and everything.  The account is for her to be creative in a safe enviroment.  (I keep track of all comments and such)  I will not share the account here (although I have thought about it because she would love the views) because I have no clue who might come across this site. However, I wanted to share this video I found on my camera..  It is long.. sorry about that.  I tried to edit it but it was just too hard. 

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Yoly - YNR Live said...

Love it! Linda, she's so adorable! Wish I was that comfortable in front of the camera. Mom, you are doing a great job :)