Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I like to do with hubby...

It's Time for Another Monday Mingle!  
(in my tv show host voice)

This week’s questions:
1. Name an activity you do with your significant other (or kids), just because it makes them happy.
2. What is something you (or you and your spouse) used to do that you really miss now?
3. What qualities/features do you have from each of your parents?




One Cluttered Brain said...

teen romance? LOL....Yeah...I like to watch high school movies...
nice mingle girl! :)
I like your talk show voice!! Made me think of Guy Smiley...;)
I like traveling too!

Momstart said...

Those are two great shows, I can't believe Eureka is still on tv. I never thought it would make it to season 3.

It is so hard to find that time

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hello! I SO enjoy watching your are so down to earth, and I feel like I'm sitting right there with you having a conversation.

LOL on your dad and shopping. My husband is the same way. I wish my hubby liked shopping more, and I definitely wished we could just drive and discover new things. He is more the type where you get from point A to point B and call it a day :(

Sounds like you have a wonderful hubby :)

Thanks for mingling!

Debbie said...

Ahhh, teen romance movies...gotta love them. Taking a drive is such a FUN thing to do. SO nice you have a hubby who is fun to shop with. Tony Jr.? That is funny. My daughter TOTALLY looks like her dad, but as she is getting older more people seem to say how much she looks like me (must be because she is getting some boobs now!) Funny the similarities. Have a fantastic week :)