Monday, October 25, 2010

All about Shoes!

It's time for another Monday Mingle.. and guess what.. it is Monday.. yay!  Not late this week .. whew..

This week’s questions (submitted by Jendi from Simple Vloggings Tips):
1. ‘Fess up – how many shoes do you own?
2. What is your favorite type of shoe to wear? Sneakers, stilettos, kitten heels, ballet flats?
3. Do you have a shoe story you could tell us?


Paula Schuck said...

Hi there> I am new to your vlog. Funny flip flop feelings. I like that - they can be annoying eh?


Momstart said...

I don't like flipflops for the same reason. I didn't have a lot of shoes until I worked at a shoe store and then the amount of shoes I owned exploded.

Daenel said...

Yeah, the flipping of the flop can be annoying. Sometimes I think people flip them extra hard.

Omg, your shoe story is hilarious. That's too funny.

"I'm not happy. I'm sad." How precious!