Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A bit of our day..

Yesterday was really a rush.. I spent time in the morning cleaning and doing dishes.  I admit I enjoyed the later quiet time since Anna stayed up with daddy the night before, watching Anime.  However, we had alot of school to cover.  I just found out my friend Steph and her children would be coming the following day..  which means pretty much a lax schooling day.  So I got her up and spent the entire day pushing her to work.  Of course, this was the day she was going to totally be uncooperative.  Oh my word!  She and Ethan fought over everything!  I managed to record little bits of our day that wasn't so umm.. chaotic.   I really would like to try and include alot more visuals to the blog.  I have been way behind in finding the time to write.

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