Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Mingle - Changes

This week’s questions (submitted by Debbie from Musings in the Key of D):
1. What is/was your favorite thing you have done to change your look? i.e. tanning, hair removal, new cut/color, different style of clothes, hair extensions etc.
2. What is/was NOT such great a way to change your looks?
3. If time and money were not an inconvenience, which would you prefer laser hair removal or permanent makeup ? Why?


One Cluttered Brain said...

Psst. Video says private. We can't see it. Please fix. Thanks! :(

One Cluttered Brain said...

REally? no hair removal?
Or R U skeptical about permanent hair makeup?
I hope U feel better.
Thanks for mingling!!!

Momstart said...

I am not into doing anything to change my look really. Definatly not anything like permanent make up. Your daughter is cute, my kids helped me today too!

Debbie said...

A new hair cut...that always feels so good. Glad you didn't tan again, better safe than sorry. Wow, no hair removal? Good for you for sticking with your convictions though. I hope everyone feels better :)