Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Forgotten Pancakes..

Yesterday was a bit of a mess.  I managed to get the sauce all bottled up and man that made me feel good.  I spent about 2 hours looking for a lost checkbook to pay the bills.  Finally found that and paid one that was overdue immediately, however, the roads and driveway were a sheet of ice!  Anna couldn't open the mailbox or lift the flag because they were frozen.  I was not attempting to go out there at all!  The rain did finally loosen things up and she was able to beat the mailman. 

I never made the bread.. the dough is still sitting there.. but it should be fine.  Will start that this morning.  I spent all morning refreshing the dance studio's website, hoping they would cancel.  Around 2:45 the site displayed the dreaded word... Open!  sigh.  I decided dinner would be waffles.  When we brought the nieces home after Christmas vacation.. I had mentioned that I was looking into a waffle maker.  Angie quickly told me they had one not being used and gave it to me.  I was excited to use it.  I put it aside and waited for the day.  Today was it.  I found a recipe, got out my low sodium baking powder.. and made the batter.  Then I grabbed the waffle maker and realized it was not a waffle maker.  It had a hole in the bottom!  Maybe a sandwich maker or one of those grills that drains the fat.  So I rushed to make pancakes out of the batter instead.. however it got late.  So the rush was made to get everyone ready and we left without even touching the pancakes.  sigh. 

Anna's dance was sneak a peek week.  Parents get to come in and watch them dance.  We wanted to get there early for seats and because we didn't know how bad the roads would be.  We were the first ones there!  The entire place was dark.  So we drove around a bit til they opened up.  Anna's tap class is always fun to watch.  During ballet Anna did a side kick and ended up pulling something in the back of her leg.  This happens with her often.  Growing to fast her body can't catch up.  It was funny when Anna got carried to her seat by the teacher.  Anna was giggling.  After a bit she really wanted back in so she went in and was careful.  Unfortunately my card got full and I missed the best part of the last dance :-(  Oh well..

We ended up cheating on the diet last night.. sigh.  Angel had gotten a call from his doctor.  Match that with being hungry because we didn't eat dinner.. I did bring apples and bananas with me but he didn't want any.  We ended up eating Japanese at the mall.  I kept telling him the sauce has sodium.  However, I know he has been doing really good and has not been swelling.  He tends to get in a damaging mood when he gets bad news.  Always just wants to go out to eat.  I will tell you the news in a separate post.  Thankfully we only ate half the meal..  it was alot. 

We got home at 9pm  and just all got ready for bed.. we were wiped for the night.  At 4am I woke realizing the pancakes were still in the oven!  sigh..

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