Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have such a headache right now.  It amazes me how we can ignore some pretty serious food issues and let the cravings take over.  At first I was really upset with my husband.  I sent him to the store today to pick up some items.  He made some decisions that were not the best for him or us even.  I ended up so angry.   I basically found the receipt stuck to the noodles bag.  It told me that he bought a Twix candy bar.  Just before he left I told him about how sugar can prevent the loss of water from your body.  You can not only cut out the sodium, you have to cut out the sugar.  So with that info he decided to purchase a twix bar and then hide it from me. 

So as I sit here stewing I start getting this nagging feeling.  “what about you?”  pops into my head.  I start to remember.. just earlier I ate chips, then a bit more chips.. a cookie,  then when ethan asked for chips he kindly shared 3 with me.  Then Anna had some Doritos and I took some. 

So, I am not any better.  Yes, Angel may be in a bad situation health wise.. but so am I .. It just isn’t as evident.  I have a fatty liver (diagnosed a few years ago and I basically ignored it).  Fatty liver can lead to Cirrhosis.  This health change isn’t just about him.  It is about all of us.  A wake up call.  So why are we choosing to ignore this?  We have alot of changes to make.  We also need to ask the Lord for alot more Self-discipline. 

On another topic,  I installed Disqus to my site.  I never cared for the fact that I could not respond to comments.  Now with Disqus I can.  If for some reason the comments are not working right, let me know and I will figure it out. 

Thanks for reading! 

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