Monday, January 10, 2011

I have that great feeling today..

1.  I emailed the dietitian we met at the hospital during Angel’s stay.  I wanted to ask what the numbers for protein, fat and such were.  I have been really stressed over what we have been eating/what we should be eating/any changes that needs to be made.  I mentioned that I have a spreadsheet of everything and he asked me to send it.  Well, he emailed me back today and said I was doing a great job.  I am feeling really good about that.  I do think we need to continue making changes but I am so glad that we are totally on the right track! 

2.  I biked two days in a row.  I did better on snacks although still not perfect.  Working on it! 

3.  After a really bad school day.. getting started late, moving really slow, being easily distracted.. I got pretty frustrated.  A friend I was skyping with made a suggestion and suddenly I had this idea in my head.  I wrote the names of her subjects on a colored card and cut them out.  then I wrote the time frame on a lined sheet of paper.  I told her she had to somehow put all these things into her day.  I included breakfast, lunch and chores.  She filled in her chart and we will do a test run for the rest of this week and make changes as needed.  The new rule is, once the time is up.. she has to stop that subject and move to the next.  She can seriously spend 3 hours on math alone on her really bad days.  She has a period after her work is done where she can do ‘homework’ and/or Friday (which is our test/low key day).  We tend to focus so much on the basics that most of the time the extra stuff gets pushed aside.. (journal writing, science, social studies, etc)  We also pulled out her preschool tri-fold board and plan to block her into a corner of the table.  This way she will not become pre-occupied with what Ethan is doing and Ethan will not be allowed on that side of the table during ‘school’ hours.  I can’t wait to try this out tomorrow.  Anna is excited too. 

I am trying to catch up on some things so I can have a smoother day tomorrow.  I am late on the Monday Mingle also.  Guess I will have to do that on Tuesday. 

Goodnight all! 

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