Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo & Prompt Challenge: Day 9

Day 9 - Your most treasured item.
Each assignment just gets harder.  I have been thinking of this one all day.  There are lots of things in my life that I treasure. 
The Lord's love and protection
Time with my children
Time with my grandchildren
My husband
My friends
My computer
My home
and so much more. 
Which do I choose.  What do I talk about.  Then as I was cleaning today, I came across this piece of paper. 

I have tons of little pieces of papers, just like this.  Some are from young kids I met over 22 years ago.  The above was written by Jade during her last vacation here at my home.  I take these little notes and try to put them in a folder.  I am a total pack rat!  Sometimes I find them in books that I have not opened in years. 

This got me thinking of memories.  I treasure my memories.  These little treasures trigger those memories that are tucked deep within. 

Will I still have those memories later in life?  If I didn't have these little reminders, would I stumble across these memories on my own?  What about the emotions that follow when the memories flood in? 

Sure we can think of memories and emotions as 'bad' things in our life.  I know there are quite a few bad memories and emotions in mine!  I choose to thing of memories and emotions as a wonderful thing!  Where would I be without them. 

That is alot to think about. 

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