Friday, March 25, 2011

A terrific Surprise!

As many know, after Angel’s hospitalization we were hit with many bills.  One being the emergency helicopter that was over 22,000.  The first bill came in total saying that they could not get Aetna to pay.  About a month later we received another bill that said Aetna made a payment and we now owed over 9,000.  Still bad but much better than the first.  Unfortunately with the number of bills we received (12!).  I could only make small payments.. So I started with 10.00.  Some bills were smaller so we paid those in full and the rest got 10. 

Yesterday, we grabbed the mail and I found a check for 10.00 and a notice saying we overpaid.  What??  Angel went online to the insurance site and it appears that Aetna paid the entire bill!  Wow!  What a tremendous blessing!  Of course we still have alot more bills but this is a really nice surprise! 

As I mentioned in the last post, I messed up our checking account.  All day I checked the bank and that 15.00 just glared at me.  I am happy to announce we are now ok.  The State Refund came in along with Angel’s pay and we can now breathe.  This is the reason I never like to go under 200.00 in our account.  You just never know what you will need.  Whew. 

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