Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transplant Evaluation

6:10am. We are heading to Hartford Hospital. I have been up since 4am. I hope I remembered everything i needed to. It is odd being out so early in the morning.

7:42  We arrived at 7am. After some confusion about where to t, we are now settled in a room. Three ladies have been here asking the usual questions and now Angel is being set up with an IV. 

8:24  Angel is now having stress tests done. I am in the waiting room. They say it will be about an hour to an hour and a half. Hope they don't forget me. LOL!
10:24 - That was quite a wait. David joined me in the waiting room.  Angel got done with the stress test at 10 and we had to walk quite a distance to get to the GI building. Now he is all prepped for the endoscopy and colonosopy. He mentioned that the stress test was the oddest feeling. He felt like he just ran 2 miles.  Definitely would be odd when you never left the bed.

1:14 - Things got a bit crazy. Angel finally went in for the endoscopy about 11:15.  I met David at the cafeteria. We both grabbed a slice of pizza and shared some wings. We headed back up around 11:50, just in time. He had just woken up. They did not do the colonoscopy because they never gave us the stuff to prepare for it. They did re-band the esophagus.  He will have to have another endoscopy in six weeks along with the colonoscopy.

We made it upstairs for Angel's lunch. I assumed he would be on liquids again bit they gave him a meal. Penned pasta with chicken, carrots, peaches, a slice of bread and apple juice. He ate it all. Although he had to slow down.

He just left around 1 for a chest X-ray and MRI. We are staying in the room this time. This will be awhile.
3:45 - Angel came back from MRI. His pulmonary function test isn't til 3:30 but the managed to get him in earlier he just left about ten min ago. They say this will take 45 min.

We are finally heading home. We stopped to eat before heading out.  The only information we got was he will have to go back for the colonoscopy.  They have to check for polyps.  If he has any, they need to be removed before transplant surgery because the medications he will be on after transplant can make the polyps cancerous.  It appears he is now on the transplant list. 

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Praying for you all!!