Sunday, April 24, 2011

Letter's to Angel 2

It is 6:26am on Sunday.  I always go to see you from 6-7am.  The Shift Change happens from 7-9am and I am not allowed in the room with you.  They won't let me in right now.  I am trying not to panic.  The never said no before.  I am sure it is just something simple like changing your dressing.  But I don't know if I can leave to get food at 7 if I don't see you first. 

Don't worry.  I have been eating three meals a day and Steph brings me junk food.  I always hear your voice lecturing me to eat. 

Anna is coming today.  It is her birthday.  I bought a locket  downstairs that has a charm that says "Daddy's Angel. 

I am getting impatient.  I really want to see you right now.

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