Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nighttime Thoughts...

I am sitting here, awake, at 2:35 am.  I did sleep for roughly 2 hours.  I just suddenly woke and now can't sleep.  I know it is because the doctor said the surgery could happen between 2am and 8am.  I am a numbers girl, and I don't think there will be much sleep tonight. 

I was thinking about the donor.  The doctor tonight mentioned that they would be removing the organs from the donor around midnight.  This would be a long process.  I am and kinda in awe about that.  I seriously never really thought about what it would mean to have a donor.  What the details would entail.  Of course they would be donating more than just 1 organ.  Which also means the day was obviously spent getting many recipients to the hospital today.  Thankfully we have not been impatient here at the hospital, but just never thought of all the background stuff. 

So far, all we know about the donor is that she was a 40 year old woman who exercised regularly and was in good health.  She was a light drinker but they say that isn't a problem.  My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.  I really don't know anything else.  It all happened so fast we never thought to even ask more questions about her.  Was she a mother?  How did she pass?  I don't know how much they would have shared. 

So far they say all looks great.  However, they would not know fully until they see the liver itself.  There is that small chance they could send us home in the morning.  However, deep down I don't think that would happen.  We are here for a reason just like we missed that first call for a reason. 

I think it is time to try to close my eyes again. 

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