Monday, April 18, 2011

Ramblings before the craziness begins

The nieces are here!  Talk about chaos.  I figure I should get some writing done before they wake for the day.  However, I need to clean too!  It is hard to clean when they are awake.  I want to spend every moment with them.  You never know what you will miss.  It could be Ethan saying something adorable to one of them to them sharing a story with you. 

The girls arrived on Saturday.  I spent a bit of alone time with them while Anna went to Jazz Class.  Later in the day, we had to take David to work so we all decided to head off to Walmart.  Here are a few pictures of our adventure. 

Must start out with a cute pic of Ethan cuddling with Grandpa
Gotta hang out with Bert and Ernie!
Ethan loved this duck and really tried to get me to buy it.

Jade fell in love with Optimus Prime and begged Anna to chose him as her pinata.
However, Anna chose this duck.  I think he is too cute to smash!
This is what happens when we shop with the girls here.  
I got tired of hearing, “I am hungry!” 
I honestly never buy this much junk! 
Ethan insists that this is the proper way to wear a coat.
Must enjoy Chinese buffet after all that shopping! 
Ethan loved the ice cream!
Pretty girl..

Video should be coming soon, if it doesn’t get to busy around here that is.

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