Saturday, May 28, 2011

Always moving forward...

Things have been going so well lately.  Mornings are so much easier.  I no longer get ready with fear that something may have gone wrong at night.  I guess you can say there is an extra spring in my step as I leave the hotel at 6am.  It is such a relief. 

This morning I arrived to discover that Angel was off the ventilator all night  He was awake and happy to see me.  However, the feeding tube seemed to have stopped working.  Not good for Angel at all. 

Angel has been getting alot of comments regarding how good he looks.  How they are amazed that he is talking. Yesterday, as Dr. Brown and the others were trying to help figure out what Angel could eat that would taste good.. he commented on how happy he was to be having a conversation with Angel.  I don't think Angel will ever truly realize how many people have been thinking and praying for him.

A few highlights about today..
  • no feeding tube (the decided to leave it out and see how he does)
  • he has to eat, eat, eat. 
  • all his meds are now to be taken by mouth..  He did a good job even though it was gross
  • the urine catheter has been removed
  • there is talk that he is moving out of ICU
  • He is now able to talk to his mom and Anna on the phone in the room. 
  • The vice president shared my blog with Dr. Brown.. (wow!)
I feel like there is more.. but I just can't think of anything.  I am kinda falling asleep here.  I am just going to say goodnight and hopefully blog tomorrow. 


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