Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Huge strides.

Thankfully Angel was back to himself this morning.

Angel is back off the ventilator.

Angel was able to sit up better than yesterday. He even stood up with help! 

The transplant team came in and Angel tearfully thanked them for saving his life.

Just found out the only rehab facilities are in Hartford, New Britain and Wallingford.

Angel said, where he goes, I go.  I wish it was that simple.

Angel pulled out his feeding tube.

I got to stay and watch them put it back in.  It was horrible. Angel made the nurse move so I could grab his hands.

They had to do X-rays to see if tube is in the right place.  It wasn' they had to redo and another X-ray. Still waiting on results. It is after midnight and I am tired. 

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