Saturday, May 14, 2011

Letters to Angel - You are awake!

You have been awake for the past two days now.  You are more focused and trying to talk and communicate.  I just love seeing your normal facial expressions now.  I can't wait to hear your voice again.  It is amazing how much I miss hearing you.  Every night when I get back to the hotel, I think, who can I call.  I immediately want to call you.  But then quickly realize I can't do that.  I just miss talking with you so much.

You are doing well.  Liver and kidneys are working great.  Your fever was down until yesterday.  No one has a clue what is going on with that.  You are now watching tv and smiling at the doctors when they come in.  You are also responding much quicker when they ask you a question.

The last time I posted here, I was very frustrated.  That day you ended up sleeping all day.  That night Laurie Collins called.  Such perfect timing.  We talked alot about nurses and hospitals.  If anyone would understand how I felt, it was her. 

However, I must say I did like the nurses from yesterday and the day before.  Lisa (who you will also have today) takes the extra time to figure out what you want.  When you reached up towards your face, she knew you were itchy and didn't assume you were going to pull out the nose tubes.  She laughed when she went to wash your face and you reacted like a cat needing a good scratch under the chin.  She marveled at how good you look compared to when you first came in.  

Yesterday you had Neal.  He would also try and see how you were feeling.  He even took the time to ask me what I thought.  "What does he look like to you?  Does he look like he is in pain?"  I told him no.. It looked like you wanted to get up and stretch your back and neck, and even your legs.  You look so uncomfortable no matter how many positions they put you in.

Well today is a new day and I am looking forward to sitting with you again.  Tomorrow Anna, mom and Mike are coming to see you and visit with me.  I am trying to tell myself it is ok if I spend a few hours with them and not by your side tomorrow.  Anna misses you so much and is really hoping they will let her in even though she isn't twelve yet.

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