Saturday, May 28, 2011

So many changes

Wednesday around 11:30pm, Angel called my cell.  Of course he couldn't talk but I could hear kissing noises.. 

Thursday Angel was able to stand again and even walked in place.  Just incredible.  I am brought to tears each time he does something new.  It is just amazing to me how strong and determined he truly is.

The nutritionist added Metamucil to Angel's daily diet.  This meant that Jason was going to get it through the feeding tube.  No matter how much water Jason used.. there was no way that was going down the tiny tube.  Sure enough he got clogged and had to be removed.  Thankfully the doc today had Angel suck on a water filled sponge squab.  It really helped the tube go down much quicker. 

Later, a speech therapist came in.  She had him swallow some applesauce to see how he did.  He did so well that she decided to do a swallow test later that evening.  I was able to stay through it.  They put a camera down his nose to see where the food went.  It was so interesting to watch.  It also was great to hear that he had passed and was now allowed to have thick liquids and grounded/pureed foods.

Friday the physical therapist set a goal for Angel to get up, walk about two steps to the chair, turn and sit down.   Angel exceeded their expectations.  He did most of the work himself.. and walked forward to the door and back.  Rubi was determined that she was going to let him walk again and she did.  The speech therapist came up and showed Angel some swallowing exercises he could do on his own.  Angel is a bit bored these days and tired with everything he does.  Sadly though, he still does not sleep much at night.  How could I forget!  Today he was able to talk to Anna and his mother on the phone.

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