Sunday, June 19, 2011

Going home

Monday, June 6th was the kidney stone removal.  This was a very frustrating day for Angel.  First they wanted to upgrade the trach from a 4 back to a 7.  They felt since there was a trach there, it should be used instead of intubating him for the surgery.  This was painful to watch.  The hole had obviously gotten a bit smaller since the downsizing on Friday.  Angel was not happy at all.

Angel went down to surgery prep around 3:40ish.  By 4pm I was told to go wait in the waiting room on the 5th floor.  I asked to just wait in his room but they wanted to reach me in the waiting area.   This room stirred up horrifying memories.  Surgery was over around 5:30 and I was called to go in and see him at 6:15.  He was sitting there awake since 6.  He could not talk because the cuff of the trach was inflated.  We were told in the ICU to never let anyone inflate the cuff.  He would feel like he couldn't breath.  Sure enough he felt that.  I asked the nurse but she insisted he was ok.

About 6:30 there was an emergency in the recovery room.  They told me to head on upstairs and Angel would be up very shortly.  So I waited in his room.. and waited .. and waited.. now it is 7:30 and no Angel.  I know he is very hungry.. and it is took late for the nurses to order him dinner, so I go to the main desk up here and ask.  The receptionist calls downstairs and is told that they are having an emergency but Angel is ok and waiting for transportation.  So I decide to go to the cafeteria and get him a wrap since he is going to be starving because he had not eaten in 24 hours.

Finally at about 9pm he is wheeled into the room.  He was soo angry and still could not talk.  Thankfully Dan was already prepared to removed the trach without downsizing it.  Angel was insistent that he wanted it removed.  Angel also enjoyed that wrap thoroughly.

Tuesday - we finally left the hospital.  After alot of issues with towing the van (not to mention it was a hot day!) we finally made it home.  However, my friend Steph ended up with car troubles as she was bringing me home from walmart.  As a result, her van was towed the next day from my house.  The problem was bad gas!  Turns out alot of vehicles were hit and the repairs for her car was 3,000.  Almost 2 weeks later and she finally has her car back.

Of course coming home was not as relaxing as it should have been.  Now, I wasn't expecting much.  I mean my son is 22 and works .. so I didn't expect perfection.  He did have a bunch of his stuff in the living room, a sink full of dishes and the floor looked like it had not been swept in about 2 months.  The toilet was clogged in the main bathroom, the fridge was leaking so there were water and towels on the kitchen floor and a bunch of towels in piles on the deck.  Bubbles cage had not been cleaned in probably 2 months either and the fish only had about half a tank of water. 

After at least getting the place comfortable, we ate some pizza and watched a movie.  It was nice to finally sleep in our own bed.  Although it was very quiet without Anna.  She was not going to be able to come home til Friday. 

Wednesday, Steph and her husband came over and Steph helped me with the main rooms.  Just before the visiting nurse came the living was looking pretty good.  The toilet was flushing too.  Thursday, the physical therapist came and all was good.  After dinner, Angel took a nap.  When he woke up he did not feel right so he took his temp.  102.5.  Not good at all.  I was on the phone with Anna at the time talking about her arrival in the morning.  I hung up with her and broke out in tears.  We called the doc and thankfully Justine was able to take us back to Hartford Hospital.

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