Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We have been here for six weeks!

After a really long and boring Memorial Day weekend (no visits either), Tuesday ended up busy. There was a concern about his kidney levels which meant his potassium was really high. They wanted to check his kidney stints just to make sure. They also cut out one of his meds to see if it made a difference. Today we are told the numbers are much better.  Whew.

So yesterday started off with an Xray of his kidneys, the he slept most of the morning. he had a rough night the night before.  Then afternoon was much busier with his Barium Swallow test, Downsizing of the trach, and he walked about 20 feet to the desk.  He did an awesome job!  He is now able to eat real food and started off with a burger and orange soda. 

Today he walked all the way to the end of the hall and back.  I followed with a chair in case he needed to sit but he did not.  When he got back to the room, he was actually looking for another place to walk to.  Another huge step was he is finally out of the ICU.  We are moved back into Bliss 5 which is where we started that Tuesday 6 weeks ago.  This is really a good thing.  Someone was really suprised that he was bypassing the step down room.  This is the room we are supposed to be in.  Here he will get more physical therapy and learn about his meds.  They will give us a pill box to take home and help us fill it.  He will be on alot of meds for sure. 

I am going to miss alot of the nurses upstairs.  Neal gave a quick hug.  Sadly alot of the nurses I love were not there today.  So many have been a tremendous blessing to me and Angel as well.  Neal, Chris, Rubi, Kim 1, Kim 2, Carol, Lidia, Betty, Ming, Lisa, Jason, Rebecca, Denise, Ashley (pca), Beth, Crystal and more.. I just can't remember all the names.  I may not have understand some of the decisions made but everyone put in so much dedication to getting Angel back on his feet.  I truly admire them all.  Of course there are all the Drs on the floor and the respiratory team.  All the smiling, cheering faces.  I will truly miss them.  We definitely plan on coming back to say hi.  We know we will be visiting the transplant team often for checkups. 

Today was a really good day.  I know we will sleep well tonight.  

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