Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catching up….

I am sitting here playing Pet Shop Monopoly with my mom and Annaleah.  They can be insane when playing this game.  I figure it may be a good time to do some catching up on here.  I am failing miserably at posting regularly.  Where should I start?? 
We have been behind in this area due to Angel’s two month hospital stay.  We did catch up a bit on Math since I feel it is a very important subject, but that alone was stressing us out.  We decided to stop.  We will play some math war games to review the times tables.  I was mostly stressing because I had no materials for next year.  We had missed the convention and I had no clue what I was going to use.  Math is easy.  We love Math-U-See. 
After some serious researching (I just love scouring reviews) I decided to go with Painless Jr. Grammar and Ignite your Writing to go along with our Language Arts Program.  Now my other problem was Social and Science.  I found some awesome weekly newletters for students.  An entire year of Science or Social.  The Science covers 96% of our State’s requirements.  Anna is going to love this.  She will need to cover 8 weeks in division before starting on this years Math book, but we are fine with that.  I think this is going to be a good year. 
New Dance Year:
This is a recital year for Anna’s Dance Studio.  This will be her 3rd recital.  I can’t believe this is going to be her 6th year dancing.  She is now officially old enough to try out for the Dance Ensemble also.  This group dances at nursing homes and various benefits.  Last year they got to train with the Rocketts in NYC.  This is just a wonderful opportunity for the dancers. 
Last Friday, Anna went to audition.  She was very nervous!  Once we arrived, she would not let go of my arm.  One of the older girls came over and asked Anna if she would like to warm up with them.  This helped Anna tremendously.  She got her shoes and went to join them in the room. 
Picasa Content
They actual audition required them to follow along with one of the teachers in Ballet, Tap and Jazz, while the rest of the teachers observed.  Anna did not think she did well at all.  We would not know how she did til Monday morning. 
Angel decided we all needed to go out to eat so we headed to Gus Pizza.  I ordered fish and onion rings (instead of chips)  which was huge.  Anna ordered spaghetti and meatballs and Angel got a hamburger platter. 
Saturday Morning, my brother brought my mom in for the week.  We were sitting around chatting when Angel’s phone rang.  Someone asking for Anna.  Turns out it was Miss Maggie.  A huge smile spread out on Anna’s face.  She made it!!

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