Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Could anything else go wrong???

Yesterday was just one of those days.  It started off when I turned on my computer and it told me there was a problem and started scanning my disk drives.  Lovely.  After that it was just hours of error messages and window failure.  I tried scanning for viruses but the windows errors kept interrupting and it would reboot the entire system.  Seriously?? 

I have been having some problems for awhile now.  Whenever I did a search on the links would direct me to ads.  I had to stop using google and go to yahoo (not my favorite thing to do).  I had done all the scans and there was still an issue.  I guess now it is time to completely redo my laptop.  Sigh. 

I spent the entire day moving over files, pictures, documents, etc.  Uninstalling programs.  I have no clue where half of those programs even came from!  Sometimes the computer would just reboot on it’s own.  I just kept on trying.  I did not want to lose anything!  It was a pain and there were times where I yelled at the machine.  Ok, many times.  It was a bit frustrating! 

Then it was time to make dinner.  BBQ chicken sounded really good.  Looks good too! 

I did all the prep and got that in the oven.  After 15 minutes I re-basted and set to cook for 45 minutes.  Then I went back to working on the computer. I got up and started the corn.. checked on the chicken and noticed the oven was off.  Uh oh.. did I accidently shut it off when I re-basted the chicken??  hmm.. Ok.. late dinner.  Restart oven and go back to my computer.

After 45 min I go back (don’t know why I didn’t bother earlier) and once again the oven is off.  Seriously!!  It is now like 7pm.  So I start the grill.. in the rain btw.  I am not a good cook when it comes to the grill.. either everything cooks too fast or too slow.  well.. I burned the chicken.. whatever, take the skin off, right.  As I go to put the chicken on the plate and it slides off.. I try to do some acrobatic type move to catch the chicken in mid-air while screaming “NOOOO!!!!”  Well, of course, I missed! 

Now I am really ticked during this entire thing.  I went and heated some rice and tried to calm myself down.  We all sat at the table and I decided to just cut into a chicken to see how it looked.. Red.. in the middle.  Of course mom and Anna are like.. we can just eat the outside.. NO!  Do not touch the chicken. 

We ran to the store and picked up a cooked whole chicken, reheated everything and ate.  Last night as we went to bed I asked Angel if he could cook dinner for tonight.  Thankfully he said yes. 

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