Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rough Night…

Last night Annaleah had her 2.5 hours of dance classes.  Dinner was going to be tough.  I decided to make some spring roll wraps filled with spicy chicken salad.  As we rushed out the door and started down the road I realized, I had forgotten the wraps at home.  We left at 5pm.  This meant no eating til 8:30pm. 

Angel had already planned to get himself a burger or two at McDonalds.  I tried racking my brain to see what I could eat.. hmm.. grill chicken salad should be fine.  I know the croutons are in separate little bags. 

I get up front and ask the cashier, “Do you put cheese on your salads?”.  She responds, “yes we do”. 

“Can I have mine without cheese??”

“Our salads are premade”

“Oh, nevermind. Two apple dippers please” 

Angel looks at her and says.. “Cancel the order.”  and walks out. 

I am stunned.. I keep telling him to get himself his burgers.  I don’t want him to go hungry.. He refuses and takes me arm as we walk out.. I can just image the people’s reaction behind us. 

Angel decides we should just get a salad at ShopRite.  I don’t remember there being salad bars there but I am not going to say anything.  I did notice they have prepackaged salad (with cheese of course), but no salad bars in sight. 

I continue with my shopping.. Could not find Udi bread anywhere (and there have a gluten free section that is three aisles long).  Shopping was really difficult.  I did end up finding Gluten free bisquick and just decided to get that.  Although it was over 5.00 for a tiny box!  I also did not find any gluten/dairy free frozen treats there .. Sad smile 

After shopping, Angel mentioned Chinese food.  I searched my brain for something I may be allowed to eat.  I know I can’t have soy sauce.  I decide on an order of boneless ribs praying it is safe for me.  So we order.. then pull up to Anna’s dance studio.  It is now 7:30.  We have about 45 minutes to eat.. However, they did not pack us a fork.  So we didn’t get to eat til 8:48pm. 

I know things will get easier with time.. Gotta think positive! 

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