Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Anna’s First Dance Performances of the year

It has been a really crazy weekend.  On Friday night Anna had dance rehearsal to start off the busy year.  My plan was to go shopping but honestly I was having way too much fun watching the girls.  Ethan was having fun snapping pics on his Nintendo DS before he got completely bored.  When Anna finally got up to dance, Ethan shouted loudly, “Hi Anna!” Of course everyone laughed. 

Saturday was performance day.  I am always a mess before these things. 

“Do you have your shoes?”

“Put the tights on with tan first, then pink, then trouser socks.”

“We need to do your bun.”

“What’s taking so long?”

“You only have 1 tights on!”

“Come on!  I need to do your bun!”

“We are running out of time, Anna”

“Are the tights on correctly?  Tan, pink then socks?”

Finally get in the van

“You have all your shoes right?”

“Tights are on in the right order right?”

Yes, I am a maniac.  At the second nursing home I was starting up again as she was changing.  I asked her if she wanted me to leave.. she nodded yes.  Oh the poor girl!  She did an awesome job, though.  I don’t think I ruined her….yet.  She was totally embarrassed in one of the dances.  Her top came down exposing her camisole but we told her.. That is what the camisoles are for.  One of the ladies made her feel better with a few dancer stories to share. 



This is my favorite dance.  It was called Frames.



After the dances, the girls go around and meet the residents of the nursing homes. 



The lady in this picture was asking Anna about school.  Anna’s response, “I don’t go to school.”  Long pause “I am homeschooled”  I can just imagine what the lady must have been thinking during that pause.

I was reading her lips as she was talking to another lady.  She said “I have been dancing for 5 years, I don’t need to practice”

I loved it when she told me that one lady said she was dancer for 11 years.  She told Anna that she should never quit, even if it kills her.  LOL!


Hanging out after the final Saturday performance.

On Sunday, Anna got to do it all over again.  After the nursing home, the girls headed off to another place to sing Carols and give gifts.  I just loved watching the faces of the residents as the girls danced.  One lady was all into it, just singing and dancing along.  At the place where they sang carols, there was one guy in the back they just sang along with them.. every single song.  Never missed a beat.  I am so glad these girls can just brighten up someone’s day like that. 

Finally we dropped Anna off at the teachers home with a big crock of sloppy joes for a holiday party.  Only dancers allowed.  Angel and I headed over to Burger King and just sat there reading and talking til it was time to pick her up.  We would have preferred going someplace else for steak but finances just don’t allow it these days.  We are just glad Anna had a great time! 

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