Monday, January 9, 2012

Back from some much needed rest..

I kinda took a vacation from my Christmas Vacation.  Every Vacation I love to take my nieces for the week.  It is a wonderful time of girls and chaos but I love it.  This year I ended up sick just before New Year’s but I just couldn’t stop moving.  I continued to stay up past midnight playing games with them.  We taught the girls how to play Risk.  The following day my niece, Jade, exclaimed she was ready to try it again.  This time she conquered the world.  We will be ready for a re-match in February! 

So many things has happened that I would love to blog about, however, today is about getting back on track.  Dance starts up tonight, full on school today, and so much more.  I spent all day yesterday cleaning.  Just getting everything back in order.  I had been lazy all week.  I am ready for a structured day and glad to say the house is still clean. 

My daughter received an Ipod for Christmas.  She has been thrilled.  She is not going to be happy to put it down for school work today.. she has been attached to it for the past two weeks.  Last night she even made up a song for her Ipod. 

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