Monday, March 12, 2012

Stuck in the Checkout Lane

I see myself as a fairly patient person.  I try really hard to smile while I am waiting and be polite.  Sometimes however, it can be difficult when you need to pick up your child from dance class on time. 

Friday night, we went grocery shopping at a store not far from Anna’s dance studio.  We had plenty of time and knew we had to get a lot.  We mostly stayed on the outside aisles since we were focusing on healthy foods. I was pretty proud of myself when I went to the checkout with a cart full of food with 30 minutes to spare. 

The lady in front of me already had most of her food on the belt.  The other lines looked full so I figured it was a good spot.  As I started unloading the lady in front of me exclaimed “Where did you get that juice that is on sale?”.  I told her where I found it and she sent the bagger off to grab her two bottles.  No problem, plenty of time.  I smiled at her. 

After a bit there seemed to be some discussion going on and soon the bagger was off to grab more items that the lady had forgotten to purchase.  I didn’t know that was in the bagger’s job description.  The lady in front of me apologized for taking so long and I smiled. 

After a lot of coupon searching and talking, it turned out the lady also had some WIC items.  I used to use WIC when David was little.  It’s a great program.  However, I don’t remember the protocol being so long back then. 

Angel had to leave me in the aisle.  Anna was getting out of dance in 5 min and he had to be there.  So I stayed and smiled and was polite.  It took her 30 mins totally to get through the aisle.  That was the longest 30 minutes ever.  LOL. 

Now it’s my turn,  I got my coupons, I got my card.  She rings up 128.00 of groceries.. I pack my cart (bagger never did come back) and in all it took 5 minutes.  My cart was loaded to the top.  Now that I think about it 128.00 wasn’t bad for a full cart.  Especially when more than half the cart was produce items. 

I guess the point is, I really strive to be as efficient and quick as possible when I go through the checkout lane.  Of course there have been moments of having an item with no price or barcode.  I always hate those times because I feel bad for the person behind me.  I have had frazzled moments at the checkout and they are not fun. 

How are you at the checkout? 

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