Sunday, March 25, 2012

Update on Angel and Anxiety.

Been super busy!  I wanted to post what happened at Angel’s appointment on Thursday.  Just as we were walking toward the room I ran into Debbie in the hall.  I honestly can’t remember her job title but I can say she goes above and beyond her job. 

When Angel was sedated, she came to visit me almost every day.  Sometimes bringing me treats (crackers and peanut butter, personal products) and sometimes just to see how I am doing.  When Angel was in a delusional state and I was told to leave, she took me straight outside and made me sit in the sun and just let me cry.  She is such an amazing, caring person. 

It was great to get to chat with her.  In talking she told me it was completely normal to still have anxiety over last year.  It really helped to have those feelings validated.  We talked about how wonderful Angel is doing and just so much more.  She even chatted with Anna about dance.  She really thinks it would be good for us to take a vacation.  Although it is not financially possible, I am sure there is something we can do. 

Angel’s appointment went very well.  There was not much talk about the hernia since we didn’t see the doc that would be preforming that surgery.  We did however talking about checking for celiac again.  The plan of action is to check the antibodies again.  If they are still there then Angel will swallow a camera to get a better picture of his intestinal wall.  They are also working on getting him off the Coumadin.  On Friday, the office called to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lally (love her as well! She was part of the team that saved his life.) to check the hernia.  She will be doing that procedure as well. 

I will admit I am still a bit nervous.  A lot will be going on right after the year mark and it is a busy time for us with dance performances and homeschooling conference.  Oh, I must not forget Anna’s birthday in a month!  I am feeling a lot better though.  The Lord is definitely getting me through these rough patches of life. 

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