Friday, May 18, 2012

I’ve been eating instead of blogging….

Yep, so much for that challenge.  Blogging.  I was doing so well.  What have I been doing instead.  Hmm.. let’s see. 

Eating – New foods.  We bought some peppers and I stuffed them.  Those were really good.


For the Mother’s Day Banquet in RI, I made a gluten free Hawaiian style potato mac salad


We decided to get real adventurous and try some artichoke


Sadly, I did not get a picture of it after we cooked it.  we definitely did enjoy this. 

We also tried fresh papaya.


It was okay.  Didn’t care much for the taste as you got closer to the rind. 

Angel also made Kimchi Stew and Kimchi Fried Rice.  No pictures of those either Sad smile 

Last night we tried stuffed mushrooms


I really enjoyed these.  I used a recipe above as a guide.  I did not have tarragon and I used a mixture of ground beef and ground turkey. 

For my chocolate craving I decided to try Black bean brownies with homemade chocolate sauce.  It was heavenly. 


Wonder what we will try next…  any suggestions? 

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